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Find a Grafter
Access to a database of Grafters in your area who are available to work on demand. Add your project with specific dates or keep the dates flexible
A review system providing feedback on both Clients and Grafters for quality assurance
A standard work agreement setting out key terms of the engagement up-front to help avoid disagreement down the line
Easy to use cashless payments system avoiding inconvenient and awkward cash transactions
Become a Grafter
Access to a range of different work opportunities in your area for free
Ability to choose when and where you want to work
Secure, pre-authorised payments straight into your bank account
Reviews to help validate your Clients and a standard work agreement ensures terms are agreed up front
How Grafter Works

Grafter is a free app that connects people looking for extra labour with people looking for work. Everything is managed securely within the easy-to-use app. Find, book and pay local labour, or join as a Grafter to get hired.

5 simple steps for Clients

Grafter covers all types of additional short-term labour including construction, farming and logistics

  • 1
    Search for local Grafters
  • 2
    Check availability
  • 3
    Offer work to Grafter(s)
  • 4
    Make payment using app
  • 5
    Rate and review Grafters

5 simple steps for Grafters

Grafters are all types of people, from professional labourers to ex-forces and students who are available for work in your area.

  • 1
    Complete your profile
  • 2
    Reply about availability
  • 3
    Accept work offers
  • 4
    Get paid via the app
  • 5
    Feedback on Client
Types of Work
...and any other kind of jobs that need Grafters to get stuff done